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Book Rec from Eric

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Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

Eric says: “Fantasy author Terry Pratchett’s gift for satirical social commentary is turned up to “11” in this tale of youth, rebellion, Death, family, and Music with Rocks In. Death takes a well-deserved holiday, leaving his granddaughter Susan in charge during his absence, a decision with fateful consequences. Meanwhile, a young bard named Imp Y Celyn (translation: “bud of holly”; call him Buddy) has a near-Death experience resulting in Buddy channelling living music never before heard in the Discworld. Buddy’s music takes the Discworld by storm inspiring the creation of a host of other bands and a corrupt industry bent on exploiting the dreams of these hopeful musicians. Sound familiar?

This is one of the “gateway books” I give to people to introduce them to the Discworld series and the magical works of Terry Pratchett.”

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