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Comedy Movies from Bobby

Posted on in Hoopla, Movie.

Find these comedies and many more through Hoopla

We could all use a good laugh right now and so here’s some weird and funny movies you can watch right now.

Short Circuit: An experimental military robot somehow gains sentience through a lightning strike and hides out with the goth girl from the Breakfast Club. The guy from Police Academy is trying to find him and bring him back to the military. Hilarity ensues, believe it or not. Classic 80s comedy cheese.

Serendipity: Two people have a romantic, magical night together but leave hoping fate will bring them together again. Years later, they meet again and they’re both engaged to other people. For people who aren’t fans of romantic comedies. Smart and funny.

Clerks: A black and white movie you’ll actually find funny. One insane day in the life of two counter jockeys who trade razor-sharp sarcasm with patrons and each other. Not recommended for children or those who love high-brow humor.

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