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Comic Book Crossover Collisions from Bobby

Posted on in Comic/Graphic Novel, Hoopla.

All of these comics and more are available through Hoopla

One of the great things about reading comics is thinking about the best match-ups. Could Superman beat the Hulk? Can Captain America beat Batman? Another amazing part of comics is that these brawls can actually become comic book stories, complete with a team-up against the real villains. Here are a few examples, available right now on Hoopla.

Justice League/Power Rangers: What happens when the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe clash with the super-powered teenagers with attitudes? Mostly some cool comics. Favorite scene: when the Pink Ranger’s Pterodactyl DinoZord flies off with the Batmobile in its jaws. And Batman’s still inside!

Star Trek vs.Transformers: Kirk, Spock and Bones find a mining planet in trouble. And Optimus Prime! Based on the original cartoon versions, this crossover is a fun dose of Saturday Morning cartoon nostalgia. The “new” Transformers are also cool.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Heroes in a Half-Shell end up a long way away from the Big Apple. When there’s a break-in at a top-secret lab, the Bat ends up finding Donny, Leo, Mikey and Raph slumming in Gotham’s sewers. Favorite scene: Splinter vs. Batman!

Revolution: Massive Explosions across the Earth are blamed on the Transformers! G.I. Joe suits up to take them down. Add M.A.S.K., Rom the Space Knight and the Micronauts to the mix and this one has everything but the kitchen sink. Think the Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies, only with 80s action figure toy lines instead of comic book heroes.

Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe: A more interesting take on the usual superhero battle brawl. In the Injustice universe, Superman is a dictator over the entire planet Earth while Batman is a freedom fighter and the other heroes and villains take sides. It’s like a darker DC version of Marvel’s Civil War. Batman seeks help from Eternia and He-Man which makes things even more complicated. Dang fun comics!

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