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Creepy, Dark Humor Audiobooks for Adults from Eric

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All of these books and more are available through OverDrive/Libby & Hoopla

Meddling Kids: A Novel: A darkly mysterious, tragically nostalgic journey. Think Scooby-Doo for adults.

Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel: Visit this (mostly) friendly desert town and meet the odd collection of characters who call this place home. Some even willingly! But do not speak of or visit the Dog Park.

It Devours! (Welcome to Night Vale, #2): People and buildings are disappearing all over Night Vale. What could be behind these events? Or should I say, beneath them?

John Dies at the End: Crude. Disturbing. Hilarious. Beware the Soy Sauce unless you want to be exposed to a terrifying and ridiculous reality.

Noir: Detective novel set in 1947 San Francisco. Think Raymond Chandler meets the Zucker Brothers (Airplane!).

Good Omens: The end of the world has never been more entertaining or hilarious, especially when someone has misplaced the baby Antichrist.

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