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Essential Albums from Brent

Posted on in Hoopla, Music.

All of these albums and more are available through Hoopla

  • Small Town Heroes: For fans of female vocalists, indie folk, and acoustic guitar
  • Quiet Signs: For fans of unusual female vocals, dreamy melodies, and being contemplative
  • Crushing: For fans of female empowerment, catchy guitar riffs, and dancing alone
  • Saturdays=Youth: For fans of chic electronic pop, astral projection, and parties thrown by your coolest friend
  • The Hours OST: For fans of Nihilism, sober piano melodies, and stringed instruments
  • Give Up: For fans of synth pop, nostalgia, and feeling like you’re 18 years old again
  • Soviet Kitsch: For fans of classical trained pianists, edgy lyrics, and all things kitsch
  • TRST: For fans of 80s synth, goth rock, and brooding male vocals
  • Feels: For fans of post-modernism, all things avant grade, and psychedelic

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