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Meeting Room Policy

Please read the Meeting Room Policy before submitting a request. The request link is located at the bottom of page.

Who May Use the Rooms

Any club or community group of persons meeting for non-profit purposes may request and be assigned use of library facilities, provided the proper request has been made and recorded with the designated library staff member(s). Eligible groups include:

  • Civic organizations
  • Social clubs whose intent is educational or cultural in nature
  • Academic classes or study groups
  • Professional or honorary groups
  • Organized school or academic groups which have a civic interest or goal
  • Groups meeting for non-profit purposes

All meetings are open to the public. The library staff reserves the right to enter meeting rooms at any time.

Who May Not Use the Rooms

The library meeting rooms may not be used by:

  • Any group meeting for a profitable reason
  • Any group meeting for social or personal reasons, such as parties, family reunions, weddings, receptions, etc.
  • Any group which has proven unsatisfactory for any reason during prior use

Requests for meeting room use may be denied if the hours of use are unsatisfactory to the planned operating hours of the library or if the noise from the activity planned would disturb the normal library operations and use by library customers.

No admission or attendance charge is to be made unless the library is serving as a sponsor, and funds from the attendance are necessary and announced in advance in order to provide the necessary gratuities or matching funds required to produce the program.

Scheduling Process

A designated staff member will be responsible for confirming and scheduling any room request. Each room reservation must be complete, giving the date, time, and name of the meeting contact person.

Priority will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Each group may have only three active reservations on the calendar at one time.

The designated staff member will maintain an appointment record for all meetings scheduled for the library facilities and advise the staff in regard to facility use. All scheduled meetings will be kept on a calendar for use by the entire staff.

In the event that weather conditions cause the library to close, the library will cancel use of the meeting rooms during the time that the library is closed.

Hours of Use

All meeting must be conducted during normal library operating hours. View them on the Branch Locations page.

Maintenance of the Facilities

Groups will be responsible for their meeting room setup. All the tables and chairs you will need for the size of your audience and its seating style will be placed in the room(s) prior to your beginning reservation time.

Each group should return the room to its original setup. Groups using library facilities are responsible for restitution for any damage to the room or its equipment due to misuse, carelessness, or vandalism.

No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the building. The library is a smoke-free facility.

While there is a kitchen available if requested at the Bob Kirby Branch, no food can be prepared onsite. Catered meals and boxed lunches may be brought in the meeting room.

Special Note

Library needs will take precedence over public use of the meeting areas, as library programming is an important aspect of the library’s service to the community. The Library Director has the final approval on use of the meeting rooms. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to cancel reservations and the groups will be notified of such cancellations. Appeals may be made in writing to the Board of Trustees for reconsideration by the Board and Library Director.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library’s meeting rooms in no way constitutes an endorsement of the group’s objectives or beliefs by the library employees or the Board of Trustees.

Request a Meeting Room

All requests a now made through our meeting room module — Spaces.

Learn how to submit a request through Spaces