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General Knowledge and Mathematics (cognitive)

General Knowledge and Mathematics (cognitive)laundry

  • Expose your child to different kinds of blocks, soft blocks for very young children and wooden blocks for older children. Encourage your child to build and create things.
  • When traveling, ask your child to count white houses on one side of the street, while you count white houses on the other side. Talk about who counted more or less.
  • When sorting laundry, ask your child to sort socks and shirts, putting socks in one pile and shirts in another.
  • When shopping, ask your child to help you by putting 3 apples into a bag or 2 loaves of bread into the cart. When they have done that, ask them to add one more.blocks
  • Say favorite counting nursery rhymes together, such as, “One two buckle my shoe.”
  • Using a toy phone, make up phone numbers for your child to dial.
    Play, “I Spy” with your child, using comparative words. “I spy a glass that is empty.” “I spy a book that is very heavy.” “I spy a jar with few pickles in it.”