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Horror Movie Recs from Matt

Posted on in Hoopla, Movie.

All of these titles and more are available through Hoopla

Daniel Isn’t Real: It is hard to talk about this one without spoilers. It is a bit of a slow burn, but entertaining through out, For fans of more indie fare and Donnie Darko.

The Innkeepers: This movie is almost all slow building tension. Great performances by the leads. Not for people who need constant thrills.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: If the title doesn’t convince you then I don’t think this movie is for you. This is packed with silliness, fun gags, and great practical effects.

Bone Tomahawk: Westerns and horror are a match not made enough. This leans heavier on the western aspects, but the horror in it is pretty chilling.

Vampire’s Kiss: One of the strangest comedies I’ve ever seen, but Cage thinking he has turned into a vampire is great for gags. A very funny indictment on yuppies.

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