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Horror Movie Recs from Matt

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All of these titles and more are available through Hoopla

Chopping Mall: The classic example of the poster having nothing really to do with what the movie is about. This cheesy 80s horror film has Johnny 5 looking killbots chasing around a group of friends who thought partying after hours at a mall was a good idea. Check the fun Dick Miller cameo.

Dead End Drive-In: My favorite Australian exploitation film. Young, unemployed adults getting locked in at a drive-in with junk food and all-night movies. This film has a Mad Max vibe and a pretty good car chase scene.

Demons: Never has a free screening I’ve gone to ended up like this. Where a zombie-like infection turns movie-goers into demons. This has a great score and a lack or pretension that lets you enjoy the wild ride for what it is.

I Saw The Devil: One of the best revenge films of all time. It delves into whether revenge against an atrocious act makes that person a monster as well, and what are the consequences involved.

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