Play is vital for a child’s development and is one of the components of early literacy skill building. Playing get a child’s brain moving, which in turn makes connections that make them smarter, which ultimately makes learning to read easier!

According to the Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development, “Play and literacy share higher-order cognitive processes such as symbolic thinking, imaging, and problem-solving.” That’s why we love seeing kids playing at the library (especially with their parents) and why we have multiple areas designed for that exact purpose! Plan a trip to all of our locations and see what we have to offer.

Lisa Rice Library features:

  • Science wall
  • Light table
  • Giant blue blocks in the children’s program room

Bob Kirby Branch features:

  • Activity tree
  • Lego table
  • Little blue blocks in the children’s program room

Smiths Grove Branch features:

  • Indoor treehouse
  • Beam projection games
  • Little blue blocks in the program room

Buchanon Park Branch features: 

  • Puppet theater
  • Little blue blocks
  • Indoor play area just outside the branch in the Tennis/Multipurpose Facility