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Patron Code of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct
Warren County Public Library

The following behaviors are prohibited on Warren County Public Library property (WCPL):

    • Violation of local, state, and federal laws
    • Failure to supervise and leaving children unattended
    • Adults are not allowed to be in a children’s area of WCPL unless their children are present.
    • Disruptive, alarming, or aggressive behavior that causes negative effects on WCPL staff and its patrons
    • Threatening of WCPL staff and its patrons by verbal or physical threats
    • Sexual harassment of WCPL staff by patrons such as “catcalling” will not be tolerated.
    • Use of WCPL computers in a manner that violates computer and internet policies and procedures
    • Damaging or destroying property owned by WCPL or by other patrons
    • Using obscene language
    • Soliciting, loitering, or panhandling on WCPL property
    • Consuming alcoholic beverages on WCPL property
    • Consuming in any manner illegal drugs and/or intoxicants
    • Possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs
    • Intoxication from either drugs and/or alcoholic beverages
    • Exhibitionism, lewdness, sexual advances, or abuse
    • Using WCPL bathrooms for any need not usually associated with normal bathroom use, such as bathing, washing clothes, sexual activities, and preparing food and drink
    • Leaving items unattended. Large bags are not allowed, and any patron can be asked to remove said items at the discretion of WCPL staff.
    • Running or climbing on furniture, toys, or shelves
    • Smoking or other use of tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, e-cigs, or vaping
    • Eating is prohibited in WCPL, unless it is a designated area. Beverages can only be allowed with a lid.
    • Inappropriate dress, such as entering WCPL without shirts and/or shoes. For certain religious purposes some patrons may not wear shoes, and that is acceptable under WCPL code of conduct.
    • Sleeping

Failure for any patron to comply with WCPL established rules and regulations (Code of Conduct) may result in exclusion from the library for a day, permanently, and/or in arrest.

Patrons are also subject to video surveillance while on premises.

This list is not meant to be all inclusive. WCPL staff reserves the right to prohibit other behaviors and actions deemed to be inappropriate.