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Science in Play2GO

Science in Play2GO is the mobile version of Kentucky Science Center’s progressive next-generation learning experience. It empowers children and adults to learn together, and for life, all through the power of play.

SIP2GO will be at the Main Library from June 8 — September 1.

With key elements that embody the philosophies behind the Science Center’s permanent exhibit, Science in Play2GO will visit libraries across Kentucky for 3-month residencies at no cost to libraries or their visitors.

Science in Play2GO is made possible with support from PNC Grow Up Great and Genentech, and in partnership with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.


The Elements


Skills in Play

Notice: Listen; look; watch; touch; point; focus; see patterns; look closely at materials and objects; notice sounds; link actions and effects; watch others’ activity; pay attention; mimic; find clues; pay attention; concentrate

Explore: Play; compare; contrast; sort; analyze information; gather more precise information; look at cause and effect; make relevant connections

Wonder: Ask questions; express wonder; be curious; recall stored information and past experiences; assess alternatives; have a hunch

Imagine: Generate possibilities; connect disparate ideas; apply information to new situations; improvise;
play around; invent; pretend

Try: Set an objective; fit together; guess; intentional selection of object or spacing; predict outcome; recreate an effect; make an adjustment; test and compare; use trial and error; try again; persist; intentionally repeat; do over; adjust approach based on results; correct; make a plan

Work Together: Cooperate; use others’ suggestions; help others; take turns; work together; changing and exchanging roles; ask for help

Figure It Out: Puzzle; reason; use evidence; reflect on what’s happening; make a connection; assimilate
a new idea; make meaning

Talk About It: Describe; explain how and why something works; explain what they did, made or discovered;
retell in their own words; think out loud; use new words; tell stories


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