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Readiness Matters

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Examples of School Readiness Activities

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  • General Knowledge and Mathematics (cognitive)
    Expose your child to different kinds of blocks, soft blocks for very young children and wooden blocks for older children. Encourage your child to build and create things.
  • Approaches to Learning (adaptive)
    Let your child feed himself, even though it might be messy at first. Coordination between your child’s hand and the spoon, their eyes and the dish will improve with practice.
  • Language and Communication Development
    Talk to your child throughout the day. Talk about the things that you see and do every day. Young children like to listen when people use high voices and short sentences.
  • Social and Emotional Development
    Encourage your child to express feelings. Provide your child with words to label her emotions, such as, “you are mad,” or “you are so happy!”
  • Health and Physical Well-BeingProvide a safe, clean, flat floor space for your child to freely squirm, roll over, crawl, walk and run.