CNC Router

Design & Create

Make your own custom pieces from wood and plastic with our enclosed, desktop CNC machine.

  • Easel – Create your Carvey projects using this free web-based platform
  • Inventables Projects – Get inspired for your next Carvey project

You can use these free programs to create designs for posters or t-shirts. You can also create SVG designs which can be imported in to Easel to create cut files.

  • Vectr – Create SVG, PNG, JPG files (Platform: web/desktop)
  • Inkscape – Create SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF files (Platform: desktop)
  • Gravit – Create PDF, SVG files (Platform: web/desktop)


  • Inventables Store – Purchase materials directly from the creators of Carvey — Inventables
  • Walnut Hollow – Purchase wood blanks for carving projects
  • WoodCrafter – Purchase wood blanks for carving projects

NOTE: The Carvey is not compatible with the 3D Carving feature available in Easel Pro.The Carvey uses a free web-based platform called Easel. Easel allows you to create original designs, or you can import SVG files of your logo or vector design. Because Easel is web-based, you can create & save designs at home and then log in to your Inventables account in the Idea Lab to carve them with staff assistance.

The Carvey has a build area of 11.6” x 8” x 2.5”. Material height + depth of cut can not exceed 2.5″.

Two-tone HDPE tiles in a variety of colors are available for purchase in the Idea Lab.

Makerbot Replicator

Carvey CNC Router @ Kirby

  • Two-color HDPE tiles: $3 each (5.875″ x 5.875″ x .25″)