Bindomatic Flex

Available @ Hotel Inc.

Create cookbooks, presentation reports, manuals, and more with the Bindomatic Flex. It is a manually operated binder designed to accommodate documents with spine lengths up to 370 mm (13.7″) and as thick as 54 mm (2.1″).

There are binding covers with clear covers and black linen backs in a variety of widths for purchase.

Bindomatic Flex

Bindomatic Pricing

  • Binding Covers w/ Plastic Covers & Black Linen Backs (various sizes): $2 each

Button Making

Badge-A-Matic Semi-Automatic Button Machines

Button Pricing

  • 1.25″ button – $ .22 each
  • 2.25″ button – $ .25 each
  • 3″ button – $ .45 each

Badge-A-Matic Semi-Automatic Button Machines

Available @ Kirby Create pinbacks with your own original artwork or find a design in our collection of donated comics, maps, and magazines. Artwork can be cut to size with the Cut-A-Circle cutters and mats.

There are three different sized button makers in the Idea Lab: 1.25 inch, 2.25 inch, & 3 inch.