Get ready to enter a brand new era in library catalog searching! Starting now, you can preview the new WCPL catalog, as well as register your library card there to begin experiencing ALL of the NEW upgrades.

With improved search features and a whole new level of interaction, the new catalog will make browsing easier and more enjoyable! Any reader (including YOU) interested in sharing opinions can leave reviews and ratings. If you need reading recommendations, you will be able to access lists curated by librarians and fellow readers, as well as contribute to the discussion by adding your own!

You’ll definitely want to check out the new “explore” feature and browse lists of new titles, best-sellers, and a host of award-winners. This new experience will completely elevate catalog searching for everyone! 

To view the new catalog, go directly to it: But to take FULL advantage of the new catalog’s features, you’ll need to complete a quick, one-time registration / log in process (HERE), using your library barcode and current password. If you have forgotten your password, try the last four digits of your phone number (the default password staff enter when patrons apply for a card), or call any library location with your library card or drivers license on hand to update it.

Log in soon, and let us know what you think!